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Front Line Missions

And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ. – Acts 5:42


Disciplemaking Movements

We are multiplying disciples and churches everywhere by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Evangelism Training

Evangelism Training

for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10

Overcoming Evil with Good (June 2011 Newsletter)

Written by Jonathan Ammon on . Posted in Blog

1 John 3:8 says, “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.” As I walk the streets of Hamtramck, I pray that God would release the goodness and beauty of Jesus, that Jesus would appear in all His glory, destroying the lies, the theft, the death and the destruction of the devil. Every time I hear the Muslim call for prayer over our city I ask the Lord to destroy false religion, which is a work of the devil. And I know He will. Jesus is here, and He lives in me. He lives in the hearts of my brothers and sisters in Christ who have left their homes, their potential for worldly success, their comfort and their material stability to give their lives in order to manifest the goodness of God. This is the goodness which overcomes every evil (Rom 12:21). Their sacrifice and their virtue is part of an excellent spirit, which the enemy cannot touch. Sin has entered the world and death through sin (Rom 5:12), but the Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14) and we testify that the Word has come to live in our fleshly temple. The same power that spoke light into the darkness in the beginning lives within us, speaking a creative word in the midst of the chaos of Hamtramck. It’s not by might or by power but by the Spirit of the living God (Zech 4:6): the Spirit of love, the Spirit of peace, the Spirit of joy, the Spirit of patience, the Spirit of kindness, the Spirit of goodness, the Spirit of faithfulness, the Spirit of gentleness, the Spirit of self-control. This is the unconquerable character of God: the fruit of the Spirit.

The enemy is completely void of this power and he cannot defeat the goodness of God: the kindness, gentleness and love of Jesus. At Acts 29 we can walk through the city as more than conquerors because we live and move and have our being within the one who loved us (Rom 8:37, Acts 17:28). That love is so explosive that it destroys every barrier, overcomes every obstacle and conquers every enemy. We have been accepted in the beloved (Eph 1:6) who has crushed the devil beneath his feet, and delights in using us to enforce His victory here on the earth: here in Hamtramck.

For the Muslim fundamentalist, the drug addict, the prostitute, the greedy, the proud, the downtrodden, the religious and the scattered, Jesus pours out His love and mercy. The bondage, drugs, false religion and powers of darkness may prove a challenge for our plans, our strategies, our pride, our flesh or our activities, but they pose no threat to the character and goodness of Christ released through Spirit-filled men and women. We are called in holiness to apply the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony to continue Christ’s destruction of the devil’s work (Rev 12:11). We are not alarmed by our opponents (Phil 1:28), because the Holy Spirit has poured His love into our hearts and there is no fear in love (Rom 5:5, 1 John 4:18). Love destroys the works of the devil. Please pray for me as I desire not only to enter the enemy’s camp and take back what he stole from me but to take the captives with me in the mighty name of Jesus. 

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The Voice of Reconciliation (May 2011 Newsletter)

Written by Jonathan Ammon on . Posted in Blog

Last week God blessed and challenged me with an opportunity to witness to a pimp and a prostitute on the street. I’ve spent the majority of encounters challenging two mindsets: a churched mindset where people have been inoculated from the gospel because of their faith in the sinner’s prayer or a Christian background rather than a true, living relationship with Christ evidenced by a regenerated lifestyle and an urban mindset of pride which demands all things on the basis of some irrational belief in entitlement. Both of these views cheapen grace and eliminate any understanding of a need for a crucified atoning sacrifice or a risen Savior. But there on the street, confronted with two people who knew they were living in sin and a degrading lifestyle, I found myself facing two people who did not need the law to teach them their own transgression (Rom 7:7), but people who desperately needed a vital and living love. They needed someone to be a face on God the Father.
I was not caught off guard when I was solicited and was ready with gospel tracts and a bold witness, but I realized I had grown reliant on a tailored approach that worked in the context I was used to, but was not what God wanted me to speak in this situation. They didn’t need a revelation of their sinfulness and their need of salvation. They knew their need. The woman was old and abused, tired and worthless in the sex market, doing her best to earn commission off others. They needed a way out, a revelation of the nature of God the Father.
The encounter was brief, and I know that God will answer my prayers and enable me to meet them and speak to them again. Even though I was caught off guard there is more to the story that encouraged me and validated my witness, but I walked away with a revelation and a challenge from God.
We are called to the ministry of reconciliation. God has already reconciled the world to Himself. Jesus already drank the wrath and judgment God had prepared to pour out on us and there is not a single drop left for us in this life. I am a minister of a God who is not angry, who has no current judgment for the unbeliever, but holds it separate in His Son, our Advocate, only to be revealed at the end of days.
God is not angry with the wicked today (Psalm 7:11). Today His thoughts toward us are precious. His goodness and kindness are towards the world because He sees them as a reconciled body: unredeemed but reconciled by the precious blood of Christ. I am called to be the voice of that reconciliation.

Psalm 139 states, “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them, they are more than the sand.” God’s thoughts are more than all the sand on all the beaches and in all the oceans of the world and they are precious: thoughts of kindness and goodness, thoughts of love and compassion, grace and forgiveness, healing and transformation. God’s desire is that we reach out in the Spirit and pick out a grain of sand for the lost and the dying around us. To give the abused and hurting, who are trapped in their own sin and vileness a glimpse of the Father’s unconditional love and His vision for their own transformation in grace. Can I speak the truth with love from the heart of the Father to the fatherless? I desperately want to be the voice of the Father to this generation.

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The Release of the Fire (April 2011 Newsletter)

Written by Jonathan Ammon on . Posted in Blog

When men called by God sought victory and Holy fire to combat the enemy, they often found God’s refining fire purging their hearts and reducing them to their core desire for God. The work that God has called me to do here in the city of Hamtramck burdens me with the daily needs of those around me and the heartbreaking dominion of sin and false religion. A popular maxim for ministry in Detroit says, “all you can do is take a bucket of water out of the Detroit River, the rest of the river runs on.” Our ministries and methods may be defeated, but the Holy Spirit is never defeated. God is raising a Gideon’s band, which will march on in the face of the opposition, armed with humility and obedient service. But God has to reduce the army first. He trims away the fat and the flesh. He melts down the ore and pulls out the dross. Those who are fruitful he prunes. Those who are unfruitful he fertilizes. Those who remain unfruitful he cuts down. Our greatest hope and encouragement is an expectation of God’s pruning shears. His refining fire is a promise of His answer by fire.

We possess the glory of God, but we have this treasure in earthen vessels, jars of clay (2 Corinthians 4:6-7). We carry the glory and the knowledge of Jesus Christ within our hearts, but it is contained in our fleshly bodies and human frailty. It is when this vessel is broken that the “surpassing power” pours out. It is the breaking of the outer man and the release of the Spirit. When we are humbled and submitted and our foolish pride and fleshly identity is broken before God, the power and knowledge of Christ and His glory flows from our lives. He does this to display that the origin is from Him and not our own lives. Pride would claim the power and glory for ourselves. It must be broken before the power can be released from within our hearts, where Christ sits on the throne.

When Gideon defeated Midian in Judges 7:16-20, the Lord drastically cut down his army and ordered them to surprise the enemy in this weak condition. The orders were not to attack with weapons or brilliant strategy, but with a pre-emptive shout of victory: a cry of faith in the midst of fear and immense opposition. The symbol of their faith, their noisemaker and the object of their proclamation were torches contained in jars. With a shout, they broke the jars revealing the flaming torches and throwing the enemy into chaos. The enemy was routed and their camp was plundered. When these jars were broken, the fire was released. In our lives the jar of clay, the earthen vessel, our soulishness and flesh, must be broken for the fire to be released. Our personal pride, strength, independence and all other fleshly obstacles must be broken to release the powerful fire of God. In the same way, when the outer ore is purged away in the refining process the true gold is left exposed. Please pray for me as I face many daily trials, but persevere in the promise that in the breaking of my outer man, the fire of God’s glory will be released in my life. The enemy will be routed and hell will be plundered. In the light and heat of the refining fire I look forward to the fire of the Holy Spirit’s work. Let the God who answers by fire be God!

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Come, Holy Spirit (March 2011 Newsletter)

Written by Jonathan Ammon on . Posted in Blog

In College I was once saw the Holy Spirit press a number of friends and I into the snow in freezing weather. We lay there flat on our backs starting at the sky. While time passed in total silence, our hearts broke before the presence of God. It was confusing. It was astounding. It was supernatural. And in that inestimable amount of time lives were changed. Some went back to a sinful and compromised lifestyle, but all of us sat in a circle that night after we were released by the Spirit and wept quietly unable to qualify or define or understand what we had experienced. In that moment the lives of at least two unbelievers were radically changed, and the rest of us wondered at the power of the Spirit unleashed. The event had no leader, no preacher, no evangelist, no structure. There were only a few young men who tracked paths through the snow in prayer and shed tears of brokenness over the apathy and unbelief of their friends. In those hours of anguish over the lost and the compromise of our own lives, we somehow touched the heart of God and He sent the Holy Spirit in a way that worked beyond our own foolishness.

That radical encounter with the Holy Spirit changed lives forever. There were hours of tears, hours of yearning, hours of discipline, but we saw God change lives.

Now I pace and yearn and wonder what it will take, not for a few young men to be changed forever, but for an entire city to find salvation. What does it take for the Holy Spirit to come again? And again? And again? Today I long not for a few friends, but for 27,000 people who will fall into an eternity of God’s wrath if the Holy Spirit does not come again.

At Acts 29 it’s easy to see the vast experience represented; it’s easy to see the incredible gifts present; it’s easy to see the amazing strengths that God has provided; it’s easy to see the preciousness of the men and women God has called to the city of Hamtramck. But beyond all of that there is the vast impossibility of what we are called to do. We are truly poor in spirit. We are truly dependant on the riches of our Father. We are truly dependant on the ministry of the Holy Spirit to convict of sin and righteousness and judgment. Our experience won’t win the city. Our work won’t win the city. Our method won’t win the city. Only the ministry of the Holy Spirit will convict this world of sin and righteousness and judgment. Only the ministry of the Holy Spirit will grip the hearts of our city and confront the souls of the lost with the undeniable presence of a holy God. We are in a place of great need, of great desperation. The task is beyond us. Come, Holy Spirit. Come, Holy Father. Come, Lord Jesus. Take Your glory.

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Gripping God at the Altar (February 2011 Newsletter)

Written by Jonathan Ammon on . Posted in Blog

As the month closes and February begins I find myself hungrier than ever for the work of the Holy Spirit and a manifestation of the presence of God. The work here in Hamtramck is absorbing. We are putting forth a continual effort to use every aspect of our abilities to touch every level of society and fulfill spiritual, social and emotional needs. But in spite of our efforts to let our good deeds shine before all to the glory of our Father, I know that without the presence of God empowering our witness, we will bear no fruit.
The gospel is the power to save for those who believe. It has that power intrinsically, in itself, because God designed His word and His plan of salvation to vibrate with the life and power of His word. The same power that created light in the darkness with the command “Light, be!” is present in the gospel message as we declare it. Our belief in God’s work through His word and our dedication to preaching the gospel will make all the difference.
I find myself hungry to see the power of the gospel manifested, not only in our good words and works, but in a God-produced and miraculous witness, in a divine visitation, in a time when the Holy Spirit supernaturally grips the hearts of the lost. Our city cannot be won by human effort, but only by the power of God.
In the same way that Hannah gripped God in her prayer at the altar in 1 Samuel 1, we must grip God at the altar of prayer, knowing that we are favored but acknowledging that we are barren.
 I believe that only then can we see God bring a new generation of believers to birth through us. I’m determined to grip God and to dedicate the fruit to God and to His glory. Pray that this hunger will increase and that I will be able to get a hold of God in prayer to the awakening of our city by the power and presence of the Spirit.

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