The Sent Life Multiplication Network

The Sent Life Multiplication Network describes a  network of relationships between disciples who make disciples. It consists of an affiliation of disciple-makers who use Training for Trainers (T4T) forms to advance the kingdom of God. The network exists in order to aid communication and the exchange of resources. We are part of the larger JUIO and #NoPlaceLeft networks. We have no leader other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Each local ministry has complete autonomy. We are not an organization or denomination. Our calling is to help disciples of Jesus make more disciples no matter what age, gender, social status, or ethnicity in every nation. All our materials are free. We do not copyright but encourage free reproduction and adaptations for your context. We do not solicit funds to support our network (although individual missionaries may do so at a local level). We try to apply Biblical movement principles to their fullest. You can belong to the network as soon as you start practicing the 3/3 Process with a group! Need Training?  Check out!  

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