Jonathan’s witness is presently focused on the two square mile city of Hamtramck, which is surrounded on four sides by the city of Detroit. The total population Hamtramck is about 25,000. The city of Hamtramck is home to five major people groups: African American, Polish, Arab, Bosnian and South Asians (from Bangladesh) with many more ethnicites. The Hamtramck High School has registered 23 languages spoken in their school.  This community represents some of the lowest standard marks in the nation in terms of family structure, economics, education, employment development, and housing. The Islamic faith is prevalent and is proclaimed by a majority of the population of Hamtramck.
Within the two square miles of Hamtramck reside over twelve mosques, a Hindu temple, and a Buddhist zen center as well as a Kingdom Hall. Roughly fifty percent of the population of Hamtramck originates from nations that are closed to missionaries and a gospel presence.

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